$ 13.50

Welcome to an immersable Dungeons and Dragons experience.  Here you will be lead to find a treasure that was meant to be yours.  As you play, you will be prompted to move to one location or another based on the dice you roll.  Think of it like any other D&D adventure but you will be physically in the hunt. 

You and your group of heroes are tasked with recovering the lost Sceptre of Kings from the hoard of the mighty dragon Sargon. Sargon lives in a dormant volcano.  This event will take at least 90 minutes long and is within one mile of the Truffle Cottage storefront on Main St.

This activity favors social distancing.  You will find the clues, take pictures, send us the pictures and we will then text you the next clue/riddle.  when you are finished, you can come enjoy chocolate and cool off.  :)

The event kicks off at The Truffle Cottage with check-in, and then we'll send its participants out into our beautiful Pleasant Grove City neighborhood.

Check-in: Starting at 8:30 am through 7:30 pm.

Please select your time.  We want the experience to be yours without running into other heros finding the clues.

THIS LISTING INCLUDES 1 D&D DRAGON HUNT BOOKLET, AN INTERACTIVE HUNT AND ONE CHOCOLATE DRAGON.  You can have as many people in your party as you would like.  You can purchase additional books and chocolate in the storefront.

**Cosplay, attire strongly encouraged and gain you points**

Dungeons and Dragons experience
$ 13.50

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