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Detention with Professor Umbridge - Thursday 26th July 7:00 - 9:30 PM

Detention with Professor Umbridge - Thursday 26th July 7:00 - 9:30 PM

$ 20.00

You have been summoned to detention for breaking Educational Decree 9!

You must present yourself, ready for a quiz, and representing your house.                                             

Heres what you get:                                               

- Detention letter from Umbridge sent to your home address***.                                               

- Pink chocolate tea cup Filled with ganache and topped with pink sugar.                                           

- A 'Happee Birthdae Harry' Chocolate Covered Cookie.

- Participation in a night of HP trivia.                                           

- A 10% coupon to use on Harry Potters Birthday                                        

- Maybe, just maybe, ETERNAL GLORY.


We will sort individuals into teams if they don't book as a group. There will be 4 teams of 5 people.     



- Must show house pride. Whether it's in a tie, a tee shirt, or house colours. Trivia goers must identify their house.                                    

- All age groups welcome; however, the better the HP knowledge the more likely you are to win

- House points will be awarded randomly throughout the night.                                          

- There will be costume contest. The winner gets a $20.00 gift card and 20 points to his/her house. 

- Don't forget to choose a chocolate option for your chocolate tea cup! 


***Also, please add the Name and Mailing Address of the attending Witch or Wizard in the ‘ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER’ section once you hit the CART page to ensure safe delivery of the Detention Letter***                       

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