$ 40.19

Introducing our Breakable Chocolate Boobs – a cheeky, indulgent treat that's equal parts delicious and daring! Crafted with love and premium chocolate, this playful masterpiece boasts a tantalizing shape that's perfect for breaking the ice (and the chocolate).

Picture this: a tantalizing chocolate bust, just waiting for a tap to reveal its sweet secrets. Give it a gentle crack, and you'll discover a medley of delightful surprises inside – from assorted chocolates like mini busts and d!cks that'll leave you grinning.

Whether you're gifting it for a celebration or breaking it out at a quirky get-together, our Breakable Chocolate Bust is the life of the party. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary fun with every bite? Indulge, giggle, and savor the sweetness – because life's too short for boring chocolate! 

Breakable Boobs
$ 40.19

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