$ 23.00

HP First Year Party: Sponsor A Witch Or Wizard!

To celebrate the birthday of The Boy Who Lived, we are throwing a number of events at our shop, The Truffle Cottage (45 S Main Street, Pleasant Grove, UT) and this one is especially for our 8-12 year old friends! We have a number of activities to enjoy, and some magical treats to take home.

Our Sponsor A Witch or Wizard campaign is something that is very important to us, because as you know, no Witch or Wizard is denied attendance to Hogwarts because of money. Your sponsorship will allow a child from the local community to attend one of our special HP birthday party events. We are working with the local library (and other community leaders) to help identify children from lower income families that need some magic in their lives.

***Something to Note***

The Truffle Cottage rarely (if ever) makes any profit on events, we host them because we love our fans & friends, and enjoy providing opportunities for the nerd community to get together. All of the money donated to Sponsor a Witch or Wizard will be used to help cover the activities, staffing costs and take home treats for attending children.

With the TC House Cup running for a whole week, we would like to thank you by allocating House points to your preferred house, as a small token of our appreciation. Please choose the appropriate House when you buy.

We are grateful for your support in this, and for helping share the magic.

Here’s what’s included:

A personalized Hogwarts letter, with seal, sent to your home address.

A handmade House badge to take home.

1 Chocolate Frog

1 Wand

! drinkable potion

A 10% coupon to use on July 31st, Harry’s birthday.


Included Activities:

House Sorting.

Professional Storytelling (Tales of Beedle the Bard).

Pass the Parcel.

HP Wand decorating / Harry Potter trivia


Beginners potion making 



Professor McGonagall

HP First Year Party: Sponsor A Witch Or Wizard!
$ 23.00

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