$ 23.81

🔮✨ Unleash the Elemental Flavors of Magic with Our Mana-Infused Spicy Truffle Collection! 🌶️🍫

These delicious truffles are dark and milk chocolate with dark and milk chocolate ganache with a white chocolate disc on top! 

🟢 Gruul (Sriracha) Truffle: Channel the wild energy of Gruul with our Sriracha truffle. Bursting with green mana, it's a spicy adventure through the untamed forests.

🔵 Simic (Chipotle) Truffle: Dive into the deep blue waters of Simic with our Chipotle creation. A symphony of blue mana and smoky chipotle, it's a journey into the mystical depths of flavor.

Azorius (Aztec) Truffle: Embrace the serene elegance of Azorius with our Aztec truffle. White mana meets rich chocolate for a harmonious blend that transcends taste.

🔴 Izzet (Habanero) Truffle: Ignite your palate with the fiery passion of Izzet! The red mana and habanero fusion create a flavorful explosion that captures the essence of the battlefield.

⚫️Orzhov (Ghost Pepper) Truffle: Venture into the shadows of Orzhov with our Ghost Pepper truffle. Grey mana and ghostly heat combine for a hauntingly spicy experience that lingers on the taste buds.

Embark on a flavorful quest through the planes of taste with our Mana-Infused Spicy Truffles. Crafted for both planeswalkers and connoisseurs, this collection is a testament to the magical artistry of culinary mastery! 🔮🌶️

Magic the Gathering Assorted Truffles
$ 23.81

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